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Sugarlift started with a dream to accomplish two things at once: First, we wanted to create a platform to support and make sustainable the careers of today’s best young artists. Second, we wanted to make it simple for new art collectors to find art that they love. On November 5th, 2014, Sugarlift was born!

Wright Harvey and Bart Piela became friends while working together at J.P. Morgan (working for The Man, as they like to say). Wright had always been interested in visual arts, spending nights and weekends checking out gallery and museum shows and carrying around his sketchbook on the weekends. Bart never claimed to have any artistic talent, but he definitely admired great art when he saw it.

After visiting an art fair one day, Wright and Bart started talking about all of the things that didn’t make sense about the art world. Why is good art so hard to find? Why do prices seem to not make any sense? Why is there no hospitality in the art market? Why does the frame cost more than the art??? There were too many whys to deny.

Sugarlift started as an art gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We wanted to highlight all of the artistic talent of our neighborhood. Over the next year and a half, Sugarlift hosted many exhibitions and events to showcase the art movements going on locally. In 2016, Sugarlift moved out of its physical gallery to focus on developing its online platform to showcase artists to a wider audience. Through this platform, Sugarlift has already connected artists with hundreds of new collectors all around the world.

Our journey is just beginning and we have big ambitions. It is our mission to create a sustainable relationship between artists and collectors. What does that mean? It means that when people collect the art of young artists, it allows them to afford studio time and to continue evolving their portfolio. Many years from now, these are the artists who will define the visual identity of our generation. And they will inspire the generation after them, just as we are inspired by the great artists who came before us.

Please join our mission!


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Sugarlift wright harvey

Wright Harvey

Co-Founder and President

Growing up on Florida’s west coast, Wright Harvey first fell in love with the visual arts painting orangy sunsets and drawing endless palm trees. While studying studio art at the University of Virginia, the practice of printmaking opened his eyes to the infinite array of artistic techniques and processes. It wasn’t until meeting Calvine, his future wife, who is now a specialist in Sotheby’s Old Masters department, that he decided to move to New York to see and absorb as much art as he could (and food and beer, but that’s another bio).

Wright spent his first decade in New York building a career in corporate strategy at J.P. Morgan, developing his love for business and entrepreneurship. In the evenings, he would devote time to events with the Morgan Library Young Fellows, MoMA Junior Associates, The Met Apollo Circle, or would just head home to do some sketching or watercoloring. Through Sugarlift, Wright loves to share his passion for the visual arts with fellow artists and with a whole new collecting audience.

Sugarlift bart piela

Bart Piela

Co-Founder and COO

Living in New York City after college, Bart discovered the rich emerging art scene. He wanted to get great art into his apartment and into his life. But how? He quickly realize he didn’t have anywhere to turn for help. He had bartered for some artwork Wright was making at the time, but he still had empty walls to fill. Searching through individual artists online and in Brooklyn was a full-time job. Traditional (read: exclusive) galleries were of no help. This experience planted the seed which has grown into Sugarlift. We’re here to help you find what you love.

As COO (he loves logistics!) Bart enjoys playing his part in making all of the crazy ideas we have at Sugarlift into a reality, especially when it comes to collaborating with the most talented and hardest working young artists in New York City.